Custom Domain

Custom Domain Configuration

If you want to create your own custom domain for your App Service URL, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your App Service, on the left select Custom domain.

  2. Click Add custom domain.

  3. Enter your custom domain (1) and click Validate.

  4. If CNAME is set correct (2) domain ownership is validated (3).

5. Click Add custom domain to finish this configuration.

6. When the domain is added, create a SSL binding.

7. Click Add binding on the custom domain screen.

8. On the TLS/SSL Binding submenu click Upload PFX Certificate.

9. After uploading select your certificate and the binding type.

10. Next click Add binding.

11. After completing these steps, Application settings needs to be updated

12. Choose web app and click Configuration

13. Then click Application Settings and edit the setting AppConfig:BaseUrl

14. Enter your custom domain and click OK.

15. Finally click Save.

Microsoft Documentation and Managed Certificates

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